YouTube vs Twitch: Competition Is Inevitable

The two biggest entertainment platforms, YouTube and Twitch, look to fight for the viewers. YouTube started to update its streaming part by expanding on clips and adding sub-only chat. Check the latest cybersport news not to miss updates.

YouTube has announced some updates and new options for users on its official Twitter account. Now users can clip their favorite moment from any video on the platform and share it with friends. There’s also a new feature for streamers. There’s an option to create a chat to build a stronger community. It will help to communicate with subscribers and make the activity much higher. Bloggers can choose the terms of subscribing to take part in the chat (from a few minutes to a few months).

These updates are obviously telling that YouTube is ready to compete with Twitch.

What will the audience choose?

The main difference between YouTube and Twitch is the purpose of using. Twitch is a comfortable platform for streaming only, but YouTube is one of the oldest platforms where users keep uploading video content and streaming for the latest years. Such creators as Valkyrae and Courage have moved to YouTube after the fallout with Twitch.

At this moment, Twitch is the most popular streaming platform. But lots of criticism at the latest time have shown that YouTube has a big chance to become the next great streaming service both for viewers and creators.

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