Which Countries Can Offer You Legal Gambling in 2022

The gambling business has managed to become a global industry over the past ten years, so today, numerous countries capitalize on this market and create acceptable gaming conditions for millions of gamblers. Typically, countries where gambling is legal have one or more regulatory bodies that make sure that players use the services of licensed land-based and online operators. In this article, we will tell you about ten states that have long legalized gambling and review their approach to regulating this entertainment field.

These countries include:

  • the UK;
  • Ireland;
  • Monaco;
  • Germany;
  • Spain;
  • Belgium;
  • the USA;
  • Canada;
  • Malta;
  • Australia.

The UK

The United Kingdom has been a prominent gambling state for several centuries. At first, the country's most popular form of gambling entertainment was betting on horseracing. But in 2005, the UK Gambling Act approved rules and regulations for other forms of sports betting, land-based and online casinos, lotteries, bingo venues, arcades, and gaming machines.

All of the state's gambling activities are controlled by the UK Gambling Commission. This regulatory body issues licenses to companies that can operate in the country according to all the relevant legal regulations. In 2022, the UK government has also begun actively reviewing and reforming its gambling laws to promote responsible gambling and reduce the number of problem gamblers in the country.


Ireland is one of the most advanced European countries where online gambling is legal. Many statistical studies show that around 70% of Irish adults are involved in some type of online or land-based gambling. The state's residents and visitors can bet on sports events, participate in lottery draws, play online casinos, and visit brick-and-mortar gambling establishments.


It is hard to ignore Monaco when it comes to a prestigious and popular gambling destinations. This country allows players to wager their money in luxury casinos and licensed online platforms. Moreover, the gambling business is a significant source of income for the state because it attracts millions of tourists to the country every year. Many of them come to the country at least to look at one of the oldest casinos in the world – the Monte Carlo venue.


This European state also pays a lot of attention to the gambling industry. The government allows Germans to bet on sports events, play slots and classic casino games, buy lottery tickets, and visit bingo venues. It is also worth noting that the country is effectively fighting illegal gambling operators thanks to the new main regulator Glücksspielbehörde (GGL), which will take full control of the industry in 2023.

Countries Where Gambling is Legal


Spain surely belongs to the list of countries where gambling is legal. While betting platforms and online casinos are regulated at the state level, many land-based venues also have to follow separate regional regulations depending on their location. If you want to play slots, poker, baccarat, or any other traditional casino game, you can do so through one of the licensed operators. As for offshore gambling companies, Spanish residents cannot use their services.


Compared to other countries, this state relies on a stricter approach to legal gambling. In order to attract as many potential players as possible to the licensed market, the Belgian government has monopolized the lottery industry. On top of that, it has limited the number of licenses that betting and casino operators can receive.


The United States has always been known for its legendary gambling cities and numerous venues with amazing stories. However, few people know that Nevada and Louisiana are the only two states that can legally offer all forms of gambling to players. In other states, you can also enjoy gambling but you need to visit specific geographic areas to do so.


This northern state is aware of the gambling industry’s financial potential and makes a lot of efforts to develop it. Each Canadian province has its own gambling laws. For the most part, players can register at licensed online casinos, participate in lottery and bingo draws, visit land-based establishments, etc. The country’s main gambling regulator is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.


Considering that Malta Gaming Authority is one of the most respected gambling regulators in the industry, you can enjoy any kind of gambling in this country. The state offers operators extremely favorable tax rates and does not subject gamblers to any restrictive measures. Whether you want to make some sports bets, play in an online casino, or buy a lottery ticket, the Maltese government will allow you to do this without any legal problems.

Countries Where Gambling is Legal


While our list of countries where online gambling is legal includes Australia, you should be aware that the state's gambling laws have some strict rules. The lion's share of the local industry belongs to licensed betting companies. As for betting on lottery outcomes, online casinos, scratch cards, slot machines, and various casino table games, the Australian authorities prohibit these types of gambling entertainment.


Regardless of what form of gambling you prefer, always remember that countries regulate this business based on their internal tendencies regarding problem players and other nuances. While one state allows residents to enjoy all casino games, lotteries, variable bets, and more, other countries may subject such recreational activities to much stricter laws.

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