West Virginia Has Accepted Esports in Betting Sector

The Esports betting sector of West Virginia will be the next promising market accepting a new bill. House Bill 4826 includes identifying cybersports as the complete wagering discipline. According to the experts, the total GGR of West Virginia will increase after the full bill acceptance. Check the latest global esports news to stay tuned for updates.

It seems like the esports industry is the next promising sector. West Virginia has become the next place with available wagering options in video gaming. The lawmakers have introduced House Bill 4826 that is aimed to legalize esports as one of the leading betting sectors in the state.

Under the available events to place bets are any “sports” or “sporting” events like tournaments or any other cybersport championships, which the commission regulates.

Moreover, West Virginia became the first US state with legal betting. Since 2018, the citizens have been able to wager on regular sports. Currently, the events for betting may be professional, collegiate in case of the athletes are legal-aged.

Considering the undoubted growth of esports caused, among other things, by the global pandemic, the recently approved bill will increase the GGR for sure.

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