Twitch Users Will Be Able To Promote Streams

Gaming and esports news articles discuss the latest Twitch feature, which will allow the platform users to promote their favorite channels.

It is worth mentioning that the views boosting feature isn’t absolutely new. It has already been added to Twitch as a slightly different tool. Now streamers get another opportunity to be supported by their fans.

Sponsored popularity or promotion of worthy channels?

The opportunity to promote hot streamers who have become viewers’ top picks hasn’t become a great surprise. Earlier, the platform developers have already tested a similar function, which allows applying so-called “boost rewards” to promote a stream.

The new feature will open even more opportunities to streamers, irrespective of whether they play the best competitive games or any other gaming products. The main thing here is to be the audience’s favorite streamer and create high-quality content. Users will be able to promote top channels on Twitch by paying money for their coverage of a wider audience.

The Twitch representatives say that the platform users have supported the creation of this functionality. Streamers want the tools for advertising their content and having more views. It means that not only users can promote streamers, but players can pay for more viewers present on their channels as well.

The pros and cons of the reach boosting feature are under discussion now. The positive aspect is that the service customers can promote the content, which is really worthy of attention. It will help smaller but high-quality channels to bypass the Twitch algorithms and become visible to audience faster. The drawback is that the streamers with money but with the lack of good content will have a chance to get themselves to the top as well. However, the Twitch representatives say that it is only a test, and they aren’t sure about the further availability of the boosting feature.

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