Twitch Hack Reveals How Much Streamers Earn

Twitch has become not just a popular video platform for entertainment but a huge space where content makers make money. The approximate profit of Twitch streamers was one of the biggest secrets until the recent large-scale hacking. Check the hottest cybersport news to find more interesting details.

Twitch took first place among global streaming services a long time ago. There’s still no opponent, which could replace Twitch and become the same video platform where content makers could make a big amount of money.

A recent hack of Twitch has demonstrated the size of profit of a popular streamer from August 2019 to October 2021. The figures are $9.6 million. 5 most-watched streamers made $35 million during the same time.

On Wednesday, the Internet saw more than 100GB of text files with all the information of income details of the most popular streamers and the website’s source code. On the same day, Twitch confirmed the disruption of services on Twitter, but there was no detailed information.

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The streamers’ reaction

The information about streamers’ profit can build a wall between them and viewers. A Canadian streamer Scott Hellyer is sure that people will change their minds about those who they like to watch. It can affect critics towards content makers.

Some of the content creators confirmed the veracity of financial income data. James Williams “CrispyTV online” has said that the information is near to the truth. Scott Hellyer “tehMorag” has mentioned absolute data accuracy. There was data of the hottest Twitch streamers’ income as well.

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