Top 5 iGaming Events in August 2023

As the last month of the summer comes, which means that it’s time to wrap it up with the upcoming events. GBC Time has collected the top 5 most expected events including conferences, webinars, and summits to attend in August 2023.

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iGaming Crossroads Summit

Date: 1 – 2 August

Place: Tbilisi, Georgia

The first event on the list will gather the top experts in the iGaming business from all over the world. Among the primary goals for the event in general is to provide a perfect space for networking and experience exchange, implying industry growth and development. Moreover, another important aim is to learn more about the gambling business in different markets and the regulatory peculiarities in each of them. This event is a must-to-attend for those who want to keep up with the trends and become a leader in the industry.

Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA) Conference

Date: 14 – 16 August

Place: Tulsa, USA

The OIGA Conference is also officially known as the show in Indian Gaming. The event will hold a place in Tulsa gathering around 3 000 attendees to share their experiences and biggest insights. Except for the general networking and awards, the OIGA Conference also includes poker and blackjack tournaments. It’s so safe to say that this event is a perfect mixture of entertainment and informative assembly in one place.

Australian Gaming Expo (AGE)

Date: 15 – 17 August

Place: Sydney, Australia

At the Australian Gaming Expo event, attendees will be able to become a part of the huge discussion with the top experts in the market. At the AGE conference operators, providers, regulators, and marketers will be sharing their views on such topics as innovations, brand collaboration, and connect. Find new opportunities for your brand and explore your connections at the AGE event.

Sports Betting West Africa+

Date: 23 – 25 August

Place: Lagos, Nigeria

The African gambling sector is definitely one of the top markets, implying tons of opportunities for business. The Africa+ event which takes place in one of the luxurious casinos will become a space for sports betting operators and providers to connect and share exclusive insights. This year’s summit is the eighth edition, where attendees are able to expand their partnerships and learn about new options in the market.

iGaming Academy: Online Sportsbook Management

Date: 23 – 31 August

Place: online

Last, but not least event on the list is an online webinar that will touch on such aspects of iGaming industry as sports betting operation, risk management, virtual sports, and much more. There will 4 sessions each lasting 3 hours, attendees will have access to the latest research and report to learn more about the modern market. The webinar is definitely a must-to-attend for those who are aiming to improve their performance and discover new ways to protect business in the industry.

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