Top 5 Celebrities Who Play Lottery

The lottery has incredible popularity level among players worldwide. This gambling game has engaged the hearts and minds of not just regular customers all over the globe but also top-rated celebrities as well. GBC Time has collected the top 5 celebrities who played the lottery.

George Clooney

George Clooney is one of those Hollywood celebrities who could not stand away from a lottery game. The legendary movie star tried his luck at SuperEnaLotto buying over 1 000 lottery tickets.

Clooney put all of his strength to win the jackpot to make a charity to the earthquake relief fund.

Hugh Jackman

An Australian actor Hugh Jackman happened to be another lottery fan among the top Hollywood celebrities. A long time ago, he spent a significant amount of money to buy 500 lottery tickets for each member of the movie production crew.

Nobody knows if it was a gift or a tradition for an actor, but still, this case is quite unusual in the lottery industry.


A scandalous singer has left her mark not just in the global music industry, but also in the lottery market. According to a close source, Madonna is a big fan of a lottery game. Moreover, there were a few times when luck was definitely on her side, which lead to the big winning.

During one of her Europe tours in 2012, she bought over 100 SuperEnaLotto tickets and won 120 000 euros. Eventually, a legendary singer gave all of her wins to the school building project.

Paris Hilton

One of the most popular personas in Hollywood Paris Hilton was caught in the Las Vegas casinos. Recently, some of the close sources shared that Hilton was a big fan of a lottery game.

Back in 2008, a TV star bought 1 500 lottery tickets promising to donate 10% of the winning.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is probably of the richest and most popular people in the UK. His fans have always been wondering what his real hobby and passion are. As it was figured out, Cowell is one of those celebrities who entertain themselves by playing the lottery.

Despite his huge funds, Cowell still finds it very amusing to buy lottery tickets and try luck. Even the small jackpots can make him happy.

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