Top 4 Unpopular Esports Every Competitive Games Fan Must Know 2023

Do you consider yourself an esports fan? Or maybe at least a person that is interested in it? The chances you know only about booming esports games are big. And that’s not your fault. In the gaming industry, bigger projects tend to obscure smaller ones.

But we want to give unpopular games a chance, shedding some light on them. This article will present you with 4 unpopular esports which deserve more. Let’s see them!


Top 4 Unpopular Esports Every Competitive Games Fan Must Know 2023

We all used to think that games are entirely separated from reality. But Geoguesser argues, making the game 100% based on the real world.

The gameplay in Geoguessr is plain. After the match is launched, a screen will show you a Google Map location. You can wander around for restricted areas and time. And once you’ve gathered enough data on where you are, you give an approximate guess on the world map.

The game has different modes, including single and multiplayer ones. Of course, competitive play falls onto the second category.

If you’ve been using social networks a lot, you might have happened to see Geoguesser clips. They show how the best world players can determine locations in seconds. Those are the guys who head to the tournaments.

At the moment, Geoguessr World Cup is the biggest of them. This LAN event occurs in Stockholm, Sweden, from 13 – 14 October. Within this time, 24 competitors will fight 1v1 for the prize pool of $50 000.

Yeah, not that big of a prize compared to Dota 2 and CS:GO. But that’s just the first event of that type! Considering the game development and growth of its fanbase, the sum will increase — the same as the number of competitions.

Halo Infinite

Top 4 Unpopular Esports Every Competitive Games Fan Must Know 2023

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When we hear about the esports shooter game, CS:GO is the first to come into our minds. But what about Halo? That’s the game with a $1 000 000 prize pool in its biggest competition.

Halo is an action-packed shooter game. Its setting takes us to space stations, ships, and unknown planets. Players are space troops fighting against each other in two teams.

Each player can have a custom loadout, allowing players to stand out with unique playstyles. They must use them to achieve different tasks, depending on the map mode. These are the classic death matches and flag/point captures.

The biggest Halo Infinite event is the Halo World Championship, which will occur in Seattle in 2023. There will be 20 teams fighting for the cup and a part of the $1 000 000 prize. Interestingly, that’s the same prize that one of the biggest CS:GO events, IEM Cologne 2023, offers.

If you enjoy watching CS:GO pro matches, the chances you’ll like Halo Infinite are big. But what if we say you can also wager on Halo esports and win cash? You can do that with the help of this portal for Esports betting. While scrolling through, you’ll see the major benefits of each platform. It makes picking the right one effortless.

Chess Online

Top 4 Unpopular Esports Every Competitive Games Fan Must Know 2023

During a COVID-19 time, it was a struggle to assemble all the best chess players in one room. That’s when online chess started to become a thing.

The most popular platform for that kind of play is It offers browser access to ranked and normal chess games. You can also play them in the bullet, blitz, or rapid fashions.

All these game types are presented in the tournaments. There are plenty of minor ones conducted regularly. But they don’t give players much of a reward. Champions Chess Tour does.

This is the major chess competition sponsored by Julius Baer, a Swiss private bank. As a result, this online tournament has a $235 000 prize pool. And world-class players like Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura (both ranked at will participate.

Rocket League

Top 4 Unpopular Esports Every Competitive Games Fan Must Know 2023

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Now to the desert. Have you ever thought about a combination of football and car racing? Cause that’s what Psyonix developers thought about. And their idea has resulted in Rocket League.

It is a game where each player (there are two teams) controls a mini-car. But his objective is not to outrace enemies. He has to pass, save, and score goals with a single ball on the court. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The cars are placed on the actual football court!

Thanks to the fast gameplay with a high skill ceiling, the game found thousands of fans worldwide. It has facilitated Rocket League esports.

Rocket League Championship Series is currently the biggest game event. This year, it will occur in Düsseldorf, Germany. The competition features a 3v3 mode and offers a huge $2 100 000 prize. You don’t exactly have to be Dota 2 to shock the world with massive esports rewards.

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