Quixant launches new cabinet offering

Quixant has unveiled a new range of turnkey cabinets, Quantum and Qinetic, and a redesigned website.

Quantum and Qinetic, its new range of turnkey cabinets, are tailored to the requirements and legislation of all global Gaming markets and the Sports Betting industry. The range of cabinets is powered by Quixant’s gaming hardware platforms and comes with a comprehensive suite of peripherals. They are highly configurable and are available in a range of display and button deck configurations, and can be tailored to meet each customer’s individual product and market requirements, with expert technical support from Quixant’s in-house cabinet design team.

Duncan Faithfull, EVP, and CCO at Quixant, said: “We are renowned for providing powerful and reliable gaming hardware platforms and software solutions to the Gaming industry, enabling our customers to focus on creating the best games and sports betting experiences on the planet. Speaking with our customers and the wider industry over recent months, it has become clear that sourcing and developing hardware solutions can be overly time consuming and costly and takes them away from developing content and enhancing the player experience – the thing that really differentiates their products.”

Faithfull added: “That’s why we developed Quantum and Qinetic – evolving from our range of market-leading platforms, to provide the industry with the powerful, reliable, and game-changing outsourced cabinet solutions it requires. Like all of our products, they are developed with a deep, in-house understanding of the requirements and regulations of the Gaming and Sports Betting world and are available via a variety of commercial models.

“With Quixant, you can get your cabinets to market faster, and make them stand out from the crowd. We enable you to push what’s possible, adding the wow factor that doesn’t just stop customers in their tracks but keeps them coming back.”

“Whilst global component markets and their supply chains continue to be compromised, the team at Quixant is using all of its engineering expertise and supply chain knowledge to ensure we meet our customer’s product requirements. Launching our new cabinet range, and enhancing Quixant.com and The Quixant Hub show our continued efforts to provide our customers the ultimate customer experience, so they can focus their efforts on developing game-changing content and the ultimate player experience.”

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