PokerStars Launches U.S. Rewards Program

PokerStars announced Wednesday that its rewards program, PokerStars Rewards, has officially launched in the United States.

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Available for Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Michigan, PokerStars Rewards aims to offer players “more value, more transparency, and more ways to win rewards”.

Players can earn up to 33% back in reward value under this new program.

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This announcement comes at the same time that the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) Tournament, which had $100,000,000 million in guaranteed prizes last year, will be starting up.

“We’re excited to bring our new PokerStars Rewards program to our community in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan and give players more than ever before for playing with us,” Rebecca McAdam, Associate Director of Consumer Engagement and Public Relations at PokerStars, said in a news release.

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“We’ve been working hard to give our players the best program and from listening to community feedback, we know that value and transparency are key, so we’re very happy to launch a program that has truly been built with this at its heart.”

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Going back to the core values of the rewards program, PokerStars breaks down each category — more rewarding, more ways to earn, and more transparent — even further.

  • More Rewarding: In addition to the 33% in rewards, players’ rewards will automatically start at 15%. This makes the new program the richest and most rewarding in US poker.
  • More Ways to Earn: Players at PokerStars will receive rewards across all poker game types and also receive rewards personalized to their interests and game play.
  • More Transparent: Along with being easier to understand overall, PokerStars Rewards will give players access to knowing exactly where they stand in the program, provide progress bars, and the six-tier chests — Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Black — will deliver a fixed value.

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This program comes after a three-month trial where players were able to provide feedback that directly impacted how the program was shaped.

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