Overwatch 2: What to Expect from Renewed Version, and When?

Blizzard Entertainment seems to tease the public with the upcoming Overwatch 2. The company has presented plenty of data about the new version but still hides the game's primary official information like price and release date. Login Casino carefully monitors the most shaking esports news and gives an insight into the awaited game.

The release of the popular game's new version is always a hot topic to follow for gamers. The inrush popularity of Overwatch led the game to the top of global gaming charts with 50M+ participants in only three years and 1B+ revenues. Not surprisingly that the second version of such a bellowed game attracts massive attention. So, what are the major changes prepared by Blizzard, when to expect the game, and how much will it cost? Let's go step by step.

What will change in Overwatch 2 compared to the original version?


Even though the sequel's release automatically means many changes (if not, why to buy a renewed version?), Overwatch 2 seems to use quite another approach. The game is a rather popular brand in the increasing cybersports world and has already outgrown into the popular competitive Overwatch League with millions of dollars prize pools and top esports teams competing. It seems that game developers decided not to ruin the existing competitive model and save the compatibility between the versions until Overwatch 2 stabilizes, at least.

It means that owners of the original game will be able to compete on PvP servers with newcomers. As the visual changes are part of the new version, it adds some kind of confusion about how the battlefield will look like for gamers with diverse versions. Nevertheless, Blizzard promises compatibility, including the possibility to bring old skins, sprays, icons, and other visual elements from the original version to Overwatch 2. Probably, when all the testing periods finish, the competitive part of the game will rely on the renewed variant, forcing the owners of the older version to open the wallet.


This part of the game won't change significantly, which is the previous passage's logical outcome. Interestingly, Overwatch was praised by critics thanks to rather smooth gameplay and in-game balance between the characters. It means that the game's new variant will be even more pleasant to play, but without radical changes in gameplay.

overwatch 2

Visual side

That is the usual item for upgrading for every game designer if the new version is coming. Overwatch 2 isn't the exception, and Blizzard Entertainment has already presented the visual changes that will be in the new game variant on the appropriate website. Thus, the user can swap between the versions and see how the character will look like.

Even though the compatibility issue between the versions looks a bit weird now, everyone can see the changes. Characters' models were improved, and developers promise a better visual experience during the battles' active phase. Of course, there will be plenty of new skins and visual upgrades, making Overwatch 2 more colorful. Traditionally, the visual elements won't influence heroes' gameplay possibilities, being just like the CS:GO most expensive skins that give no more than visual pleasure.

New maps, modes, and heroes

Without a doubt, the major emphasis of Overwatch redesigning was dedicated to this aspect. The developers have already presented new maps – Monte Carlo, Toronto, Gothenburg, and Rio De Janeiro – all made in the beloved colorful manner.

Moreover, Toronto will be the new type of map – Push. There will be a huge robot in the middle of the map, and teams have to push it as far as they can. As the time limit will be present along with the possibility to take control at any moment, this new mode seems to be a revolutionary addition. Moreover, the game strategy will change, and players usually not so professional on other maps can find a new passion for competing with completely new game plans.

overwatch 2 release date

Among the other structural changes is adding a new gaming mode – PvE (Player vs. Environment). Furthermore, it will be subdivided into two regimes, including team and solo ones. The idea of such a new mode is to compete against the Null Sector, which was only partially present in the first release. The trailer of the coming out Overwatch 2 is actually devoted to this innovation and looks amazing. By creating a narrative storyline in the trailer, developers showed that this game mode could become the primary focus for gamers. In hero-variant, the player will be able to upgrade the character's level, but upgrades won't be transferable to other regimes.

Of course, the renewed version will bring new characters to the game to widen the playing variants. As of now, Sojourn is the only new presented hero, but there will be plenty of others. One can suggest it will be a damage-focused character due to an impressive gun, while others assume his primary ability will be mobility. Nevertheless, even a few flexible heroes will be an interesting addition to the recent roster.

Overwatch 2 release date

As Blizzard Entertainment has developed a lot of games, including Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, StarCraft, and Warcraft as the most popular ones, the company has even its own gaming convention called BlizzCon. Logically, the game developing firm usually presents new games or releases during the event. Being established in 2005, there were only three years that the firm didn't organize an annual-planned BlizzCon – in 2006, 2012, and 2020.

The reason why 2020 was skipped is too simple for understanding, and the organizers wanted to hold it in winter 2021 and earn from tickets, which usually cost around $200. However, the pandemic didn't change the trend of esports stocks growing, which forced Blizzard to announce the virtual 'BlizzConline' that will take place on February 19-20 and represent new products soon. There is almost no doubt that the release date of Overwatch 2 will be February 19-20.

Overwatch 2 price

overwatch 2 price

While the release date hasn't been officially announced, it can be predicted that the price for the new version is a much tougher question. If the BlizzCon was held offline, one could suggest that buying a ticket could give a unique prize – serial number for the awaited game. However, the online conference will be free, which means that the price question remains open.

Among the other financial aspects of the upcoming release is the issue of loot boxes. Being one of the most common ways to earn money from most games, a lot of governments started a prohibition process of this type of gambling. Thus, Blizzard representatives hinted there would be no loot boxes in Overwatch 2. If this is true, the developers can raise the price for the new version of the game as they won't receive a stable income from active players. All these factors make the price prediction for coming out Overwatch 2 almost impossible, unfortunately.

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