Meet Data.Bet, as an Official Headline Sponsor at The ESIC Global Esports Summit

Data.Bet, the tech-savvy esports data provider, has announced that it became an Official Headline Sponsor of The ESIC Global Esports Summit, which will be held on February 9-10 at ExCeL in London.

The conference is held to overview trends and challenges of the esports industry, and develop solutions to current and emerging risks and issues. It brings together experts and leaders engaged in esports to discuss, brainstorm, and solve the global issues the industry faces. The event will include two days of thought-provoking content, combining last year’s think tank format with the deep and insightful keynote content all delivered on the EGES main stage.

As Data.Bet’s is an active player in the esports market since 2018, their CPO Alex Kozachenko will join the 1st day's Main Stage Panel discussion on the topic “Esports Data and Its Risk Landscape”. Alex Kozachenko, a fan of esports, is currently in charge of the company's strategic product development planning. Analyzing constant market development and potential partnerships, he foresees oncoming challenges and takes precautions to overcome them easily. Holding a Masters's degree in marketing and management, he also keeps in alignment with the company's product and marketing strategy.

The summit is organized by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) which unites the industry under the shared values and visions essential to fight against corruption in any form. Data.Bet is a member of ESIC since 2019 and supports its shared values, and visions essential to meet esports principles.

About Data.Bet

DATA.BET is a tech-savvy esports data provider. They offer clients the ultimate esports betting package: live scores, odds feed, and risk management. With a unique combination of trader experience and AI-driven automation, Data.Bet provides the highest quality and most complete product – a single entry point for esports betting, including a wide range of events, markets, and favorite esports disciplines.

About Bayes eSports

Bayes Esports offers real-time data for various esports titles such as League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota2, among others. The data provider has also developed the BEDEX esports data center, which collects and distributes official live esports data to bookmakers, broadcast teams, esports organizations, and the media.

For more details about the event please follow the company’s Linkedin page via the link ESIC Partnership


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