Interview with Katia Tereshchenko, Business Development Manager at DATA.BET

GBC Time has asked DATA.BET’s Business Development Manager Katia Tereshchenko about the latest developments in esports betting and the role of live events like ICE London 2023 for the industry.

Having over 5 years of experience in working directly with B2B clients, Katia can help partners find the best ways to expand their businesses and get more profit in esports betting.

Please, describe your impressions of the ICE London 2023. What did you expect from the event?

It was my second visit to ICE and I supposed it to be great, but the 2023 event was actually mind-blowing! I was really surprised at the number of attendees and exhibitors, the preparation level, and the variety of solutions presented! We were looking forward to meeting with our potential partners to present our unique product and discuss with them the esports trends that will shape the market.

What goals did your team set for the ICE conference? Which ones did you achieve?

We visited ICE to present new individual markets, and raise awareness of the DATA.BET solution, and meet with our partners in person. Though there wasn’t enough time to see everyone, in my opinion, we did achieve our main goals, and spent a very fruitful time there!

During the ICE London conference, DATA.BET presented its new solution – Individual Players Market. How did the public perceive this product?

It’s a brand-new feature that was created to bring additional emotions to the players and it was met with huge enthusiasm and interest. We noticed esports fans were getting bored with usual betting so had to create something more challenging, and we’re happy to be the first company to offer this kind of market to our partners and betters.

In your view, what is the role of offline events in the tech and esports industries?

Offline events are for sure the best way to communicate your ideas to people. In the tech industry, events such as conferences bring together industry leaders to exchange ideas, learn about the latest trends, and forge partnerships.

I believe nothing is more engaging than live conversations and an opportunity to check out the solution at the same time. Moreover, it provides opportunities for networking, showcasing new products and technologies, building brand awareness, and creating memorable experiences for attendees.

After the conference, what trends in esports betting can you identify for yourself?

Compared to the classic ones, esports is quite a new betting direction, so I think providers now need to focus on creating trends rather than following them, which is another big goal for DATA.BET – become an esports trendsetter.

Continuing Growth is one trend that is now evident. According to the Esport global Market report, the market size for esports is predicted to grow from $1.41 billion in 2022 to $1.63 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.1%. Increased fan involvement, investments, and collaborations from traditional sports teams, media companies, and brands are driving this expansion. We continuously keep an eye on trends, put new ideas into practice, support our partners, and hold consultations on the launch and growth of e-sports disciplines. In order to boost the profitability of our clients, this specifically entails expanding the markets for various esports disciplines and improving the quality of odds. By doing this, we have an impact on how the entire esports ecosystem develops.

What are your plans for ICE 2024?

We have big plans to significantly improve our solution by ICE 2024 and to present a product that will change the whole idea of esports betting. To further surprise our partners, and also highlight the ongoing growth, we intend to introduce new disciplines and markets, as well as further develop emotional betting – individual player markets for all conceivable disciplines.

For DATA.BET, esports is a passion that we’ve turned into a thriving business with cutting-edge technological solutions. Our mission is to give our partners everything they need to place esports bets, such as a huge choice of events, markets, and their favorite esports disciplines.

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