iGB Affiliate London 2023 returns as the biggest edition on record

The 2023 edition of iGB Affiliate London opened on 9th February with visitors participating in the biggest edition of the show on record.

The annual event is this year occupying a record 11,800 square metres (net) with the demand for space from both new and existing exhibitors underlining iGB Affiliate London’s status as the flagship event for stakeholders and the ‘not to be missed’ business appointment of the year.

A total of 31 brands made their debut appearance on the show floor, with the newcomers drawn from a total of 18-nations comprising Malta (4 first time exhibitors), UK (4), Ukraine (3), Israel (3), Hungary (2), Australia (2), Cyprus (2) and one each from Bulgaria, Denmark, Poland, Japan, Serbia, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Greece, Estonia and Portugal.

Naomi Barton, Portfolio Director responsible for iGB Affiliate London, believes the balance between established long-time supporters and businesses which are new to the show represents a compelling proposition for visitors and delegates. She stated: “Alongside the provision of new business strategies, new tactics, new technologies, new thinking and new trends it’s really significant that we can also provide visitors with access to a host of new exhibitors who want to be a part of the iGB Affiliate London show experience.”

She added: “Attracting a community of new exhibitors who represent nearly one in four (23.8%) of the show floor total, has enabled us to grow iGB Affiliate London to the extent that this year’s show occupies three of the halls at ExCeL London for the first time.

“Joining the community at iGB Affiliate London provides an opportunity to engage with over 5,000 affiliates, advertisers, networks and tech suppliers, as well as network with non-gaming affiliates and find out how what works in other sectors can be deployed in gaming.”

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