iGaming Aggregators – Benefits, Conditions, and Support

Counting on the fact that iGaming is a high-technological sector, the innovation launching is one of the most essential factors for the industry development. In this article, you will find a ton of reasons to work with the iGaming aggregator as the perfect solution for your business. How do iGaming aggregators work? And what makes this technology so in demand?

Online casinos cannot succeed without high-qualified content. The content is the key to the new audience and the general growth of the market. The iGaming industry becomes more and more competitive with a ton of operators that offer their exclusive products and services. The players’ retention is the most treasured fruit for online casino operators.

The online casino world is full of various games that already became the top favorite worldwide. The top list includes:

  • Slots;
  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Video poker;
  • Craps;
  • Keno;
  • Bingo.

Of course, this list is not even completed with all the world’s favorite casino games. However, from time to time, casino players get bored by similar themes in the games, low graphic quality, and boring scenarios.

The most attractive option for the players is gaming content. Since it became harder to provide exclusive and unrepeatable content, the choice is coming to the iGaming aggregator.

What is a game aggregator?

The casino gaming development market is full of highly professional companies, firms, teams, and creative groups. The providers offer unique products that would retain new players to an operator’s website.

While online casino operator is searching for the most compatible offers from the developers, the game aggregator is aiming to gather all the popular providers in one place.

Through the iGaming aggregator, operators get access to thousands of games. In the market, this technology may be also known as the aggregation platform and casino game hub.

In other words, the game aggregator is the key to creating a game portfolio for the casino website through API integration.

How do iGaming aggregators work?

There are 5 main steps of the aggregator’s working process.

1. Search

Research of competitive and high-quality casino gaming products is the first and one of the most essential steps. The aggregator’s technology system is set on finding the most suitable payment offers, unique content, and reliable software.

2. Cooperation

igaming aggregators

The company that offers iGaming aggregator as the technological solution, signs the partnership contract with supplies. Eventually, operators do not have to spend time on this.

3. Aggregation

At this step, the aggregator performs content from different supplies into a single technical module – API.

4. Integration

The integration process implies the process of adding the solution through API.

5. Support

This is the last step of the whole servicing. The iGaming aggregator guarantees full support to the operators.

Types of integration

Content integration is an essential step for any online casino operator. This process may be complicated without the right and accurate approach. Here are the top ways of integration nowadays:

Payment system integration

The payment system's reliability is an essential factor for the players. One of the main desires of the clients is to keep money safe and secure from fraud. Therefore, the aggregators guarantee the combined solution for the payment that would reliable money protection system.

Direct integration

The first method is different with its optional function. The online casino operator has access to choose a particular game vendor. Based on the preferences of target markets and the players’ demographic, an operator will sign a direct partnership agreement.

However, in the case of choosing direct integration, an operator will have to pay a sizeable setup fee. This is considered to be an approval for the right to integrate the provider’s game library.

Integration via a game aggregator

The main benefit for the iGaming aggregators is the variety of the providers’ content. Via the aggregator, an operator gets access to several vendors. Therefore, the online casino gets an option to offer a ton of games from different development studios through just one integration. This way saves the price time for the business and does not require special actions. With the iGaming aggregator, an operator does not have to connect each game development studio individually to sign a partnership.

Most of the time, companies that offer aggregator solutions guarantee the software infrastructure that would provide full communication with several development firms with the plethora of Application Protocol Interfaces (API).

igaming aggregators

How to choose a game aggregator?

Research the market

The global iGaming market is huge. The providers and developers worldwide are different, they offer absolutely different conditions to the clients. Therefore, to find your gaming aggregator, you should study the market and ask your colleagues for recommendations. Find the aggregator you can trust and expect 100% high-quality content.

Check the rates

Websites with the rates from customers around the globe may help you to see real experiences the operators went through with the different aggregators. A rating system is a key to the total understanding of the industry of iGaming aggregation.

Speak to the aggregator’s team

Any company is run by people – real professionals and specialists in their field. Talk to them, ask them for more details and an explanation of the whole process. The team is the main mechanism of the iGaming aggregator.

Expect nothing but great results

The main goal of the iGaming aggregator is to provide a ton of games to the operators. The company of the aggregator supports the operators with professional technology innovation.

Advantages of using a game aggregator

Of course, it is more than just comfortable when all the trending games on the market are gathered on one platform. However, the diversity of casino gaming products is not the only benefit that would get you interested in working with the game aggregator.

1. One hub – large library of casino games

Any gaming aggregator does not look at the size of the provider business. The system is set on the mechanism – trends first. If a provider can offer unique and high-graphics products then the game is included on the offering list by the aggregator. Trends are the drivers for casino growth, and iGaming aggregators push only top-trending games.

2. One-off API integration

The iGaming aggregator saves you time through the API integration. The API allows you access the thousands of trending casino games from different developers without the tedious signing of contracts with each provider.

3. Terms and conditions

igaming aggregators

The money-saving is an additional feature of the aggregator’s service. Mostly, the aggregators are partners with an incredible number of operators and providers as well. Such a wide variety of contacts allows you to throw money where it was impossible to do before. This way, both operators and developers save money.

4. Brand new content

After the signed partnership with the provider, operators get access to the games and experiment options. It means that online casinos can change the games library and set the game section based on the players’ preferences and desires.

5. 24/7 professional support

A Game Aggregator Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the guaranteed support for casino operators. SLA allows solving any of the problems as soon as possible. The development teams provide full technological and informative support on top of aggregation, so the experience would not be negative.

6. Promo campaigns

The aggregator's clients get exclusive promotion campaigns to retain more new players and keep the audience interested in products. The prize funds, tournaments, and different events are additional options to the aggregator’s service.


These days, online casino businesses must be unique and inimitable in order to be the first among all in the market. But every year it becomes harder and harder to implement new products. Various trends and technologies have become part of online gambling, but they also need to be properly added to the iGaming platform. The iGaming aggregator is the assistant who will provide full service to the business.

In other words, the iGaming aggregator gives an operator the freedom of choice. Both online casino operators and gaming developers have an option to launch a profitable partnership and get income from this. Everybody gets what they need, operators – games, providers – new audiences and financial income.

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