How Wazdan Builds Engagement in Games – Top 3 Useful Features

Wazdan is an online gambling provider that offers innovative solutions across more than 20 markets in Europe and beyond.

With over 150 games on its roster, the company has established a reputation as an innovative and trustworthy provider that abides by the law and boosts industry development at the same time. What is more, Wazdan creates effective player retention techniques and features, which are already incorporated in their slots.

In this GBC-Time article, we are going to take a look at some of the most beloved features in Wazdan slots, also called the Player Engagement Suite. Keep reading to know more about these effective iGaming solutions.

Player Engagement Suite from Wazdan

Apart from HTML5 slot games, Wadzan also offers its clients cutting-edge solutions to boost player engagement and other KPIs. The latest development from the company, the Player Engagement Suite, was created last year. It is a set of three gaming mechanics that spur users to engage more with the game. The toolkit aims to boost the slot’s popularity and improve its attractiveness to the audience.

As of January 2023, Wazdan’s suite for player engagement consists of three innovative features:

  1. Collect to Infinity™;
  2. Cash Infinity™;
  3. Sticky to Infinity™.

Wazdan has already tried out all three features on its flagship games, such as Magic Spins™, Burning Sun™, and 9 Coins™, and the results were impressive. These three slots performed better than all other company releases, getting the highest-ever conversions.

Each tool has its unique mechanics and role in driving players to the slot game. So, let’s take a more detailed look at them.


Collect to Infinity™

This Wazdan solution offers an ultimate gaming experience by adding value to the game and creating additional immersive levels. The Collect to Infinity™ mechanic creates seemingly infinite bonus rounds in a slot game, leaving even the most demanding users craving for more. Thanks to the interactive nature of the tool, player engagement results come out even higher than expected.

Wazdan has already incorporated the Collect to Infinity™ feature in four of its top-performing releases:

  • Magic Spins™;
  • Sizzling Eggs™;
  • Sizzling Kingdom™: Bison;
  • Hot Slot™: Magic Bombs.

The engagement-enhancing feature has delivered outstanding results for all of the games, with Magic Spins™ recording an impressive:

  • 129% growth in stake sum in the first week (best 1st-week result for a provider’s game), compared to the Fortune Reels game;
  • 158% growth in stake sum in the first month, compared to the Sun of Fortune slot (the best 1st-month result);
  • 158% weekly increase in gross gaming revenue (GGR);
  • 168% monthly rise in GGR;
  • 80 million played rounds in one month.

As seen from these statistics, the feature is proven to drive revenue growth iGaming operators.


Cash Infinity™

This retention-enhancing mechanic is loved by the players as it is easy to understand and brings the thrilling experience of waiting for a new bonus round. Basically, the Cash Infinity™ feature rises a player’s chances to trigger the bonus round in a slot machine. Adored by many operators for bringing top-tier results, the tool gives players exactly what they want – more bonuses and an engaging gaming journey.

Wazdan incorporated the mechanics of Cash Infinilty™ into its innovative 9 Coins™ game. Partly thanks to the player engagement tool, the slot has become the top-performing release of 2022. After its launch in 2022 in multiple iGaming markets, 9 Coins™ has achieved impressive results:

  • 163% increase in the number of unique active players;
  • 248% growth in game rounds;
  • 265% rise in the sum of a bet.

The Cash Infinilty™ immersive mechanics definitely added to the game’s success. Wazdan has already created two sequels of the game – 9 Coins™ 100 Edition and 9 Coins™ Grand Gold Edition. This engagement-boosting feature will also appear in Wazdan’s upcoming Power of Sun™: Svarog slot.


Sticky to Infinity™

Last but not least in Wazdan’s Player Engagement Suite is the Sticky to Infinity™ feature. Incorporated in Hot Slot™: Magic Bombs, Burning Sun™, and the upcoming Power of Sun™: Svarog slot, the tool keeps players entertained while boosting the operator’s GGR.

The Sticky to Infinity™ mechanic has successfully increased player retention and prolonged gaming sessions in Wazdan’s top-performing Burning Sun™ slot, where Mystery and Jackpot Mystery symbols stick to the reels until the end of the Hold the Jackpot feature,  increasing the chances of activating the bonus game and bringing big wins.



Wazdan creates its innovative engagement-enhancing features to boost retention in slots, increase operators’ profits, and improve the gaming experience overall. With the Player Engagement Suite, both iGaming operators and players have what they want – more immersive and thrilling games with engaging bonus features. As statistics from Wazdan proves, engagement-boosting solutions are guaranteed to bring better results and higher numbers to operators.

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