Holland Casino and Betsoft Gaming Sign Dual Development Contract

Holland Casino has formed an official partnership with Betsoft Gaming, agreeing to share portfolios and other frameworks to benefit both firms in the future. After months of negotiations, the two businesses managed to come to an agreement that would provide significant improvements to the portfolios and security measures of the platforms. Looking forward, the gambling industry will have two new and improved players willing to risk significant revenue streams to gain greater market share. The future is definitely bright for the sector, and Holland Casino is eager to expand its territory as the market shifts into a new direction.

Betsoft Gaming and Holland Casino will come together for the first time to launch a new, improved service featuring the portfolios of both companies. The change in attitude is prominent in the new contract. Holland Casino is looking to expand across Europe aggressively and need to fully establish themselves in their own country before they can become a continental powerhouse. ©blickpixel/Pixabay

According to the new deal, both companies will be able to access each other’s online portfolios as well as use the security measures developed by the other firm. Holland Casinos and Betsoft Gaming have been heavily involved in the development of new encryption features for betting sites and are pushing to get their service out to the masses. While Holland Casino is the bigger firm, Betsoft has been developing their own RNG casino games to expand the vast portfolio they already control. Holland Casino has seen the opportunity for expansion and taken it.

RNG is a key component of many casino games. It stands for Random Number Generator, an online ballot system that randomly decides a number of variables that affect the game. It is a common development strategy in the video games industry, and many casino game developers have taken the next step and employed it in many of their service providers. Another point to spring from the technology is the rigging of RNG systems and whether developers purposefully make it harder for users to win on live casino games, but little evidence exists to support this claim.

Holland Casino is eager to produce new casino games alongside Softbet Gaming, but it won’t be easy. Both firms have major commitments to their markets, such as the Netherlands and several southern European countries. Despite this, they have organized teams to begin work on a new security encryption framework that will be installed on all of the domains controlled by both companies. The Netherlands has the highest level of underage gambling in Europe, and these new security features will help to combat illegal accounts from existing.

Softbet and Holland Casino are set to launch a new marketing campaign on various social media to promote the new partnership. The target market for the new service is 18-24, and the vast majority of users on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are in this age range. This campaign could provide the additional brand awareness the two firms need to boost their current profile and gain greater market share in their respective sectors. The job of creating advertising material is long and arduous as many countries now have strict regulations when it comes to gambling advertising.

Europe’s New Dream Team

Softbet Gaming has dominated several European countries, including Malta, Gibraltar, Spain, and Portugal. They even have a substantial market share in Norway which has benefited them greatly over the past few years. Despite their longevity, the company took off once the pandemic had begun. As more users switched from land-based casinos to online gambling due to the worldwide lockdowns, online sportsbooks started to see a massive rise in user activity leading to greater revenue streams and brand awareness. The key aspect of the agreement will allow both firms to utilize each other’s portfolios which will excite current users and boost consumer loyalty.

Betsoft and Holland Casino have a reputation for being two of the most secure websites in Europe and have consistently provided their users with top tier data encryption. They’ve managed to avoid a security breach for over a decade and considering the amount of malware and hacking currently ongoing, any firm that works to withstand it is doing well. Holland Casino, in particular, is looking to re-establish the land-based aspect of the business once the worst of COVID has subsided as the virus caused mass closures across the country, heavily damaging the company’s cash flow.

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