Google Launches New Tools to Combat Misinformation

The amount of information we consume every day is shocking, so separating fakes from the facts may sometimes be challenging. In the light of recent events, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, fact-checking has become more important than ever. Google continues to show its support for the cause by donating to help fight misinformation. The organization has also launched a set of useful fact-checking tools, which include information literacy tips, independent fact checks, and detailed info about the sources. Find more news on the GBC Time website.

When you’re searching for a new hot topic on Google, you may find out that the information is not widely available yet. In this case, Google displays a notice, saying that it can take time to range sources. From now on, the search engine will also show tips for higher information literacy.

The other fact-checking tools include:

  1. Labeling of highly cited sources in search results to identify the original source of the information. The label will be shown on Top Stories;
  2. Fact checks verified by the independent organizations and fact check explorer, which includes over 150k checks;
  3. In-depth information about the search results.

Most of the new features are currently available only in the US, but Google plans to roll out a global version (in English) in a few weeks.

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