Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about HawX – iGaming Tech Startup


About 3 years ago, a technological startup HawX appeared on the international market offering CRM, product, financial, and other types of management solutions for businesses.

HawX is a dynamic and fast-growing iGaming CRM Solutions provider company, that delivers high-quality services to its clients, which have an enormous impact on their performance.

The company provides 7 major services that guarantee the boost of online casino performance by running proper CRM, Design, Website Operations, Sportsbook Risk Management, Fraud Management, Product Management, and Financial Advisory solutions

The majority of processes are fully automated and, on average, HawX executes 1k retention and reactivation campaigns per week for a database of 8 million customers.

“As a result of my and our colleague's tireless efforts and constant strive for the development of the company, today we achieved that serving the world's strongest companies and has undoubtfully accomplished successful results,” said Giorgi Tsutskiridze CEO and founder of HawX.

Giorgi also answered a few questions about the work of HawX

 How many people work in the company and where is your office?

“We currently employ 80+ people, and we have experts with serious experience in key positions. The HawX team is internationally recognized, bringing together people of various backgrounds and experiences, with our advisors hailing from the USA, UK, Sweden, Israel, and the Netherlands. We currently have two offices in Tbilisi and Yerevan.“

 Speaking of the company’s action plan, what is HawX’s target for the next two years?

“Our plans are to expand even further, due to the growing demand for our business solutions, this year we are going to open a third office in Paris. Also, until the end of the year, our calendar is quite saturated with plans to participate in various international conferences and exhibitions. At the events, HawX will be represented by stands. We plan to create several technological solutions and tools. which will help us and other companies to further automate CRM processes. This is important in order to make the processes more efficient, fast, and flexible.”

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