Esports Fans in the UK Show an Increasing Interest in Crypto – YouGov

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic, which is often discussed in trending news articles. In the UK, the crypto world has enticed an audience of avid esports fans. The research by YouGov shows a surge in cryptos among cybersports enthusiasts. Esports fans are also more likely to use digital currencies than other surveyed groups.

YouGov data indicates that in the past twelve months, the number of esports fans that are likely to use digital currency has grown by 21%. Now, the majority (57%) of surveyed esports enthusiasts show a practical interest in the world of cryptos. This is three-time higher than the general interest in crypto among UK adults, only 18% of which are willing to use cryptocurrencies. Besides, 37% of cybersports fans would give up their bank account to use crypto, compared to 6% of the general public.


The reasons for such high interest in the crypto sphere among esports fans are obvious: this audience is young, likely to take risks, and tech-smart.

The results of the YouGov survey also show that Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum are the most-used cryptocurrencies in the esports niche.


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