Blockchain Bets launches decentralized iGaming platform

A new decentralized online gaming platform called Blockchain Bets has launched, promising what it calls “a unique experience for users.” The token allows users to become part-owners of the platform, which operates on the blockchain, receiving yield rewards through staking.

The new token facilitates its users a chance to own a part of an online gaming club and to participate in various sports and games using blue-chip cryptocurrencies, a press release explains.

Blockchain Bets operates on a decentralized platform, providing “a secure and transparent experience” for its users. Transactions are recorded on a public ledger and the smart contract code ensures fairness for all parties involved, the platform noted. The token is substantially divisible, enabling users to trade any amount they desire. 

With a projected market capitalization of 8 billion dollars, “Blockchain Bets is set to become a significant player in the cryptocurrency market,” the operator said in a statement. The token strives to drive “the next bull run in the crypto market” and establish itself “as a world reference for decentralized online gaming.”

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