Betting Trends in 2022: What to Focus On?

Betting on sports and eSports events is one of the most demanding and popular entertainment options among gamblers globally. This sector has become even more popular in recent years, especially during the pandemic. Following this tendency, iGaming companies understand the importance of focusing on this field. However, the world of betting is extremely varied and versatile, and it is challenging to make the right decision: how to figure out what to focus on?

GBC Time has released a new video that touches on the most relevant trends in the field of betting in 2022. Alex, a host of GBC Time, explains how the global pandemic has influenced the sports betting sector and initiated the rise of eSports betting.

In addition to this information, Alex shares insight about the most promising countries to invest in and start generating a profit. This insight includes the cheapest regions as well as the expensive ones. So, it will be easier to decide which region or country to pick for growing your betting business.

What is more, you will learn more about the increased demand for mobile betting and know the trigger of this tendency.

For more insights and helpful information related to gambling and betting, you can join our GBC Time community on YouTube and be aware of the latest trends in both the online casino and betting sectors. Moreover, you can also check the latest blog posts and news on the GBC Time website if this way is more convenient for you.

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