Allwyn announces partnership with 0xCollection

Allwyn has partnered with 0xCollection, pronounced ‘Hex Collection,’ a digital art company that deals with time and initiative-based art collections.

The inaugural exhibition from 0xCollection, Synesthetic Immersion, will be sponsored by Allwyn and will feature eight new artists.

The artworks will explore the space between culture and emerging technological formats.

Robert Chvátal, Allwyn Group CEO, said: “Allwyn is exceedingly proud of its reputation for fostering cultural heritage and supporting diverse talent and our partnership with the 0xCollection is yet further testament to this.

“We are a company that aims to sit at the forefront of innovation and we apply the same approach to our partnerships, marrying Allwyn’s novel thinking with similarly creative organisations to make a positive contribution to society.”

In addition, the partnership will support a data-based painting commission from digital artist Refik Anadol, which will be called Dvořák Dreams.

Elle Anastasiou, the 0xCollection Director, said: “On behalf of 0x, I am immensely grateful for Allwyn’s generous support of the 0xCollection debut in Prague; without them, this would not have been possible.

“Working between leaders in technology and art is at the very heart of our interdisciplinary mission, and through Allwyn’s support, we have been able to further our commitment to public display and education surrounding our current era of technological and artistic brilliance.”

Allwyn, the multinational lottery operator, has only recently settled its major UK legal disputes prior to this announcement.

The year-long battle between Allwyn, IGT and the UK High Court was finally settled following Allwyn being announced as the preferred applicant for the Fourth National Lottery Licence.

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