AffPapa and BONS Partners Expand Their Year-Long Partnership

AffPapa is pleased to announce that it will expand its collaboration with BONS Partners, with the intention of furthering its relations with the iGaming operator.

BONS Partners, a relatively new affiliate program established in 2020, has already developed a strong reputation in the affiliate community.

The affiliate program currently promotes two casino and sports betting brands – Bons Casino and TedBet – both of which are primarily focused on the Asian market and are in great demand among Japanese players.

BONS Partners issued the following statement on their continued collaboration with AffPapa:

“We are really excited to continue working together with AffPapa, and are ready to keep up with our status as winners of the Rising Star of the Year AffPapa iGaming Award!”

Yeva Avagyan, AffPapa’s Head of Commercials went on to add:

“We have been working with BONS Partners for over a year now, and I am happy to say that we have developed this partnership into something stronger, with more fruitful collaborations on the way!”

BONS Partners also has an attractive loot box incentive structure in place for their partners – the more traffic you generate, the more money you may make. They offer reliable payouts, assistance with promotional materials, and expert affiliate management support. Affiliates that join BONS Partners can benefit from personalized deals, including up to 45% revenue share, CPA, hybrid, and fixed fees.

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