$45M Invested by Three Tech Companies in Cloud Gaming

Insiders reported that Ubitus K.K. received about $45 million investment from the side of three technology brands connected with gaming: Sony Corp., Tencent, and Square Enix. What does it mean for the esports industry? Login Casino follows the shakiest esports news and explains how the regarded fact can influence the cybersport sector.

Even though the issue of cloud-based gaming is set to pause after Google's Stadia project has met several technical obstacles, huge corporations still believe in this direction. Thus, a world-known brand Sony, Chinese gaming giant Tencent, and Japanese game development firm Square Enix sent influential financial support for Ubitus K.K. The latter is a famous name in the computer gaming industry as this technology firm has multiple useful patents.

Is this direction perspective enough?

The idea of cloud gaming sounds rather simple. Thus, the client doesn't need to buy an expensive gaming rig or console that will be able to run modern games, as the process is carried out in the cloud. Such-like services are streaming the gaming process to any device (PC, console, or mobile), while the client is able to control the character or related actions.

However, the recent situation with cloud gaming is unclear after Stadia, which is supported by Google, has met serious problems with technical connectivity and latency issues. Thus, clients cannot receive stable feedback from the cloud server, which has impacted the gaming process significantly.

Nonetheless, one has to look attentively in this direction. As the biggest tech and gaming brands are investing in the cloud gaming industry, we can be on the edge of technological breakthroughs in this regard, which can influence the whole esports vertical.

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